September, the Month of Change

Embrace the change!

September is typically packed full of change, be it routines, school, work or simply seasons. Here is Edmonton, we’ve experienced Summer, Fall and Winter all within three weeks!

It can be difficult to cope with all of these changes, but with change, comes new opportunities.

Huddol founder and CEO, Mark Stolow, responded to a post about the nature of September as a month of evolution. He said:

Always think of Fall as the season of letting go. New opportunities born out of shedding old routines, habits, thinking, etc.

It is so true, September gives you the opportunity to start again. Move forwards and upwards!

Another Huddol user gave a few suggestions on how to manage the change, think of writing things down to keep up with everything!

Psychology Today has a great list of 10 ways to cope with change. Including keeping on top of your health despite the stress and business of it all. Remember to take a step back and breathe.

At the end of September now, we seem to be settling into our new routines and habits.

What changed for you? How do you manage these changes? Share your thoughts with us here, or send us a message on Huddol!